Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All my Blogs

 Here Is List of All my Other blogs  :-

1. Wordpress Blog

2. Tumblr Blog

3. Squarespace

4. Posterous

5. Penzu

6. Livejournal


8. Typepad

9. Onsugar

10. Myspace

11. Thoughts

12. Blog


1. Squidoo

2. Hubpages

3. Associated Content

4. Ezine Articles     (Don't Work For Money)

5. eHow

6. Xomba

7. Triond

8. Review Party

9. Day Tipper

10. Review Stream

11. Bukisa

12. Redgage 

13. Review Me

14. Suite 101

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Yourshowman Squidoo Lenses

Here is list of all the lenses(webpages) i have created on squidoo.If you want to join squidoo,then Join Here.The Current Lenses Are (Arranged according to publish dates) :-
6. Amitabh Bachchan :- 30.11.10
7. Aamir Khan :- 30.11.10
8. Nostradamus :- 30.11.10
9. Eminem :- 1.12.10
15. Top 100 Best Love Movies :- 9.12.10
16. Top 100 Best Dog Movies :- 15.12.10
18. Best Dog Training Books :- 15.12.10
20. Top 10 Best Cartoon Dogs :- 18.12.10
22. My Christmas Wishlist :- 18.12.10
23. Baby Birthday Gift :- 18.12.10
24. Anniversary Gift :- 18.12.10
25. Gift For Guys :- 18.12.10
26. 40th Birthday Gift :- 18.12.10
27. Gift For Mom :- 18.12.10
28. Valentine Day Gift :- 18.12.10
29. Gift For Her :- 18.12.10
30. Gift For dad :- 20.12.10
31. Cheap Gift :- 20.12.10
33. Blood Donation :- 14.2.11
34. Sci Fi Books :- 10.3.11
38. Top 100 Best War Movies :- 27.4.11
40. Toy Story 3 Toys :- 22.5.11
42. Best Batman Toys :- 29.5.11
48. Kiran Rathod :- 15.6.11
50. Jyothika Sarvanan :- 15.6.11
51. Top 100 Best Jazz Songs :- 19.6.11
52. Top 100 Best Blues Songs :- 22.6.11
56. Vimala Raman :- 26.6.11
61. Captain Jack Sparrow :- 4.7.11
63. Top 100 Best Rap Songs :- 9.7.11
70. Zac Efron : 15.7.11
74. Zarine Khan : 17.7.11
85. Yogi Berra : 18.7.11
89. Yana Gupta : 19.7.11
100. Winona Ryder : 21.7.11
113. Nagma : 28.7.11
114. Xavier Hernandez : 31.7.11
118. Kajal Aggarwal : 6.8.11
120. Jacqueline Fernandez : 6.8.11
121. Riya Sen : 7.8.11
137. Shriya Saran : 28.8.11
138. Rambha : 28.8.11
149. Fun Polls:
150. Barbara Mori : 1.9.11
151. Payal Rohatgi : 1.9.11
170. Asin
174. Xuxa
180. Reema Sen
184. Esha Deol
187. Namitha
195. Lisa Ray
286. Ramya
287. Priyamani
296. Brad Pitt
303. Sneha
306. Nayantara
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Social Bookmarking - Promoting website

Social Bookmarking Is a way in which you can bookmark your favorite sites to check them out later.These Bookmarks can be shared with others as well. Thus you can share your website or blog with millions just by bookmarking them on the social bookmarking website.This Is another important element of web 2.0 sites.

Just Make Account On these Social Bookmarking Website, then login. Almost every bookmarking site have a form to fill for the site you want to bookmark. It includes 3 Important parts :-
  • Title :- Use It wisely.People Will read it first.
  • Keyword :- Use keyword relevant to your site.
  • Description :- Give a brief description (300 words) Of your website.
USe these 3 parts very wisely. The more popular your link is, the more traffic you will get. The list of do-follow social bookmarking websites is as follows :-

PageRank 8
PageRank 6
PageRank 5
PageRank 4
PageRank 3 and under
If you find any of the bookmarking site missing or any of the above link not working then Do let me know from your comments.

For More Info Log On :- Http://www.yourshowman.com
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Social Networking - Promoting Website

With the introduction of social networking the internet traffic has boosted up a lot. You can utilize this traffic for your website or blog. Social Networking Is one of the most important element of web 2.0 sites.Almost every other person is on social networking websites. Whether it is facebook or twitter or orkut everyone is using it.

Traffic comes from traffic.You get traffic from search engines not only because you are ranked high, but because that search engine get traffic. You might be having account on many social network, but are you using it properly and actively to promote your website.People just take it as fun, but you can utilize it to get traffic for your website. But, beware Don't get in so much flow with it that you forget other techniques to promote your website.

I have made a list of dofollow social network according to their page ranks which is as follows :-

PageRank 9
  • Technorati – Allows keyword anchored link in My Bio section, plus links to claimed blogs.
  • Youtube – Most popular video sharing network. Allows one URL link in user profile.
PageRank 8
  • LiveJournal – When you create a blog, you can also create a profile linking back to your main site.
  • Blogger – When you create a blog or a user account to make comments on Blogspot blogs, your profile can include DoFollow links to your website. Be sure to add them in the About Me section – the Homepage URL is nofollow.
  • Last.fm – Create a profile and listen to free online music.
  • Vox – Another free blogging site that allows for 5 website links, plus social networks (be sure to set privacy to world).
  • Propeller – Social bookmarking / voting site that allows one DoFollow link to your website.
  • Acrobat Users – User community for Adobe Acrobat – profile links to one website, Delicious & LinkedIn.
PageRank 7
  • My Blog Log – Blogging community that allows for many links to your website & social media profiles.
  • Hi5 – Myspace like site for personal profiles. Many DoFollow links can be added to the About Me section.
  • Blurb – Book publishing website that allows for URL link in public personal profile.
  • Squidoo – Allows you to create articles (or “lenses”) for any topics. Keyword anchored link can be added to Default Bio text of profile.
  • Viddler – Video sharing site that allows keyword anchored links in the About section of the profile.
PageRank 6
  • Naymz – Professional network allowing many website and social media profile links.
  • Twellow – Directory for Twitter users. Profile links to other social networks, and website links in extended bio can have keyword anchor text.
  • HubPages – Online article publishing site that allows for links with keyword anchor text in the bio.
  • Kirtsy – User submitted news, ideas, information, products, etc.
  • Gather – Facebook like site for personal profiles. Allows multiple links, URL’s only separated by a comma, no descriptions.
  • Spoke – Where business people find business people. Allows four links, URL’s only.
  • Aviary – Online image editing suite and community. Profile allows for several keyword anchored links.
  • Anobii – Social network for book lovers to create a virtual bookshelf or booklist to share with others. Profile allows for one keyword anchored link.
  • Amie Street – Network for musicians to share their music, and music lovers to discover new music. Allows one URL link in profile.
PageRank 5
  • Design Float – Social bookmarking and voting community for graphic and web design articles. User profile includes one URL link.
  • Quarterlife – Social site for artists, writers, musicians, photographers and other creative types. Multiple URL links allowed to websites and other social media profiles.
  • Know Em – Network that checks usernames on many networks. One keyword anchored link in public profile.
  • Amplify – Social bookmarking network through which you share “clips” of what you are reading. One URL link in profile, which shows after you have made your first bookmark or clip.
  • Active Rain – Network for real estate professionals. Allows one URL link at the top of the profile, and then several keyword anchored links in additional information areas below.
  • Blippr – Network for discussing books, movies, music and more in the entertainment world. Allows several links that will be anchored with their site titles, which can be added in the connections part of your profile.
PageRank 4
  • Agency Scoop – Network for advertising professionals. Allows one URL link in profile.
PageRank 3 and Under
  • Biz Sugar – Small business news and ideas bookmarking network. Allows one URL link in profile.

If you find any Social Network which is not included here or any link which is not working properly. Then please let me know from your comments.

For More Info Log On :- Http://www.yourshowman.com
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Forum Marketing - Promoting Website

A forum is where people with interest in a specific topic post messages, to which other people who are member of that forum can reply to them. It is a great way to learn and share information about a topic of interest.
Forum marketing is another popular way for promoting your website and getting deep backlinks. You just have to find forum of your particular interest. It must be a quality, dofollow forum and then you can use it for your purpose.
Almost Every forum allow a signature file for author. In this you can put up your name and your website URL thus every time you are creating a topic or replying to a thread you are posting your signature too in them and thus getting backlinks.But quality forums have some strict rules that need to be followed.
  • Don't Spam
  • Don't reply to unnecessary or irrelevant topics.
  • Create Worthy post and comment worhty.
  • Most forums have author reputation activated. So Increase it by commenting worthy.
  • Use your signature wisely. So that It is not Banned from forum.

When you want to choose a forum of your interest just keep in mind that ,the forum is do-follow,Have atleast 500 members with Good Page-rank.I have Made here a list of do-follow forums with high page rank. Use them wisely.

PageRank 5
PageRank 4
PageRank 3
PageRank 2 and Under

Please Comment If you find any forum missing or if any of the link is not working.
I have Made One More List Of Forums with high PR. Check it out too. Although i Can't Say Whether these forums follow or not (But still they are Very very helpful).

For More Info Log On :- Http://www.yourshowman.com
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Article Marketing - Promoting Website

Article Marketing is perhaps one of the best method to promote your website or blog. From Big earners to newbies almost every internet user is somewhat involved in it.It is Most effective and successful concept.
There are many Dofollow Article Directories for which you can submit articles and thus can get traffic in no-time. Almost all of these directories provide a box for author in which you can add link of your site or blog and thus not only get traffic, but also get a backlink from that directory. Although each article directory have its own method of working but, still there are some basic rules for Writing A Article
  • Your article must be unique,Knowledge worthy and attractive.
  • Your article must be atleast 400 words long.
  • Don't use too many links in your article, otherwise it would be considered as spam.
  • Submitting one article is not enough to get backlinks.
  • Don't Paste the same article to various directories.
  • Don't Use content that you have on your site or blog.
  Below is the list of article directories according to their page rank.Some of these directories accept your article directly but many of them have strict rules to follow. Still writing for them is much more benefitial then commenting on do-follow blogs and regular directoires. If your content is good they will provide you Deep-link which will be very effective in your ranking.

PageRank 6
PageRank 5
PageRank 4
PageRank 3
PageRank 2 and Under

I have tried my best to get all the do-follow article directories here but if there is any directory which is left then let me know from your Comment. Also if any of the link is not working then please comment about it.

For More Info Log On :- Http://www.yourshowman.com
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Top 5 Step Not To Follow To Get website Traffic.

 Making money online from your blog and website can be real fun,if you are in Top search results of search engine, have high paying keywords in your meta tags and Most important getting High Traffic on your blog or website.Search Engine Optimisation Plays A Key role In This.To get traffic to their website many webmaster follow steps which should not be followed to get website traffic.Many Step Should Not Be Followed In Internet marketing. You should Avoid These Top 5 steps to promote website :-

1. Don't Ever Pay For Getting Traffic. You will come across many advertisements and website that promise to give you 100,1000 or 10000 hits(traffic) per day.I will advice you to stay away from these.These sites are scam sites and most of them have softwares which they will run on your website.Thus the traffic you are getting is not real and targeted. Many advertising network including adsense may block you for invalid clicks and impressions.

2. Don't Use automated softwares to submit your website to directories or search engines.  Submiting your website to directories and search engine is very important for your website rank,backlink and traffic.But, don't use automated softwares and website that promise to submit your website to 100 or 1000 of search engines or directories. It may be bit hard to manually submit your site.But, submiting your website only to few worthy search engines like Bing,google,yahoo, altavista, guruji is enough. For directories you can submit to yahoo directory and dmos directory. Also you don't need to submit url of each and every page of your site.Just submitting url of your homepage is enough.
3. Don't Pay For Backilinks. Backlinks Are very important for your website.The more links you have,on internet, pointing to your website,the high you will be ranked in search engines.But, Don't Pay for backlinks. You can get backlinks for free by various other method which i will tell you in my blog posts. Most of the backlinks you pay for are not worthy and search engine may include them in scam thus Getting you website banned.

4. Don't Fall In Link Exchange Program. Link exchange programs must be avoided to promote website. This is because you may get genuine backlinks from other websites but when search engine bot will crawl your website it will find more outgoing links and thus it may consider it as scam.This will result in either getting your site banned or removed from search results.Also, it is against policies of adsense and many other advertising networks.

5. Don't Copy Content. Content is the king. The more genuine, unique and knowledge-worthy your content is, the more is the chance of you getting high ranked in search results. Many a times webmasters just copy and paste content from other websites and thus getting themselves banned from search engines.Many Advertising networks discourage copied content.

For More Info Log On :- Http://www.yourshowman.com
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

How To Write Article?

How to Write Article?

5 Steps For Powerful Article Writing:-

Article marketing is increasing day-by-day.whether you are writing article for a newspaper or magazine or for your website or blog,some certain rules are need to be followed.So, i am here up with this post about the steps to be followed while writing a powerful article.

Step 1. Topic Of Your Article :-

This Is just like summary of your article in few words,so you have to be choosy.What you want to tell to your audience?What is the subject of your article? Your subject may vary from use of toothbrush to NASA's invasion in space,but the main thing you have to keep in mind that you use words that describes best about your article.if you are writing articles for website,then,You can take help of GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL.

Step 2. Research about Your Article :-

You Must Research about your article's subject.Google about your topic,Search on yahoo,Read about it in magazines,newspapers or even eBook. This will make sure that you have enough knowledge about the subject and you can write on it effectively plus you will be able to find ot many points on your article that you have otherwise missed.

Step 3. Structure of Your Article :-

Your article must be in proper structure. According to proper method of article writing, You first must Introduce your article (50-70 words),then write Body of your article (atleast 300 words),then Conclusion (50 -70 words). The structure may vary according to your topic and some extra things may also be added.But, on whole, this is the most basic structure of article writing.

Step 4. Proofread your article :-

This Is the most important step of your article.Proofread your article for spelling checks and other grammatical mistakes.Proofreading makes your article look more attractive,as it removes common errors from it.

Step 5. Revise Your article :-

If you are writing article for your website or blog ,then it is easy edit your article again and again even after submission.But, if you are writing article for newspapers or magazines, then before submitting your article you must revise it. Read it as if it is written by some-one else and you have to critique on it. This will help you to find out your mistakes.

Things To be Kept In Mind :-
  • Use Font 12 point,bold for Title and 10 point font for BODY.
  • DO NOT COPY. Your content must be original,may be inspired,but original.
  • Search engines,newspapers,magazines all hates copied material.
  • Use a standard editor(Like Tiny MCE) to make your article more attractive.
  • Don't Hurry.Give Time to your article. Don't Just WRITE AND SUBMIT.
  • Use Your Keywords as much as you can in your Intro,body and conclusion. 
  • Write Article For Users, Not For Search engines.

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